Wednesday 12 September 2012

Server maintenance

The game will be unavailable from 8pm today (12 September 2012) until about midnight for some important maintenance.


  • 21:10. Backup completed, server is in transit!
  • 00:15. Server has arrived at its new home, now for the hard bit!
  • 00:45. We're back! Tentatively.
  • 00:46. Dan McColm entered the room. Dan McColm says: yay!

Anticipated FAQs

Why is it down for me but not other people?
The server is moving physical location, which also means its Internet address will change, so the name "" will briefly be pointing to the old expired address. I will update it to point to the new address as soon as the move begins, but ISPs store their own local copy of this information and it will take them a while to notice the change. If your ISP happens to be one of the slow ones, it might take them a bit longer to update it -- maybe up to 24 hours.

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